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12:00 AM, May 15, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, May 15, 2018

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GentleMen's Gazette 2018

All of us keep up with the changing fashion scenario. It's normal to realise that what was up-to-the-minute chic last year wouldn't be trending this year! That's generally, a more conservative view; what actually happens is that styles even change with the season. As summer is fast approaching in Bangladesh; regardless of the gloomy weather forecast, new styles are constantly emerging for men, and you best keep up!

The art of dapper

Before heading down to Bashundhara City mall or Jamuna Future Park for that upcoming Eid shopping spree, take some time to research the current fashion trends before you end up with your money down the drain and all your purchases as trendy as the cassette player. This is one of those life-changing wisdoms you often see in movies you know!

How to do it?

                - Wear a smart waistcoat and loose the coat!

                - Swap formal pants with jeans.

                - Instead of oxfords you may wear loafers.

                - No ties please!

                - Shirts can be replaced with polo t-shirts.



Nothing screams 'stylish' more than formal wear, but often we are faced with a conundrum of whether to don the full suit or not, because it might not match with the weather or the occasion. So how do we avoid this situation? The answer is to follow the infamous 80-20 rule! What we mean here is to convert the formals into smart casuals or semi formals by injecting some casual clothes into the attire.


Quite a few times now, we have seen these two colours oscillating between being a fad to being shunned! Luckily, in 2018, both the colours are super trending. All the big brands of the world are concentrating on these two colours. So if you wanted a decent panjabi this Eid, chances are high that you'd see these two colours featured quite prominently in your favourite stores.

Don't worry, as we are not exactly talking about hot pinks, but rather, the lighter pastel shades. And if powder blue never went with your skin tone, you can always opt for deeper shades of the base colour – blue.



For the fashion conscious citizens of the society, this comes as good news, because finally you can experiment and flaunt all your polkas! In case of stripes, it's a sheer blessing to all those who do not own the perfect male macho figure, because guess what? Stripes look good on just about anybody! There is no particular stripe that is doing the rounds this year; we expect to see every kind, from pin stripes to its much thicker versions.


Classic colours like grey, navy blue, black and white are always IN, but the rounds seem to be stronger for all-white or khaki attire this year. Many might argue that this look is a blast from the past and will not actually suit their ever-modern lifestyle.

Consider trying out this look at least once, before making any further comment. Pair the look with suave leather shoes and minimal embroidery in a similar tone, and marvel at yourself in the mirror.

Still don't believe the impact? Please step out of your house and meet up with friends. They would let you know!

Well lads, that's summer 2018 in a nutshell! Hope you have a lot of fun shopping now.

Remember always, knowledge is power and fashion awareness is harmony!


Photo: Sayeed Siddiqui

Model: Asif Azim

Wardrobe And Styling: Cats Eye

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