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Femme fatale

Of braids, Flowers and Satins

Frida Kahlo, the famed Mexican artist, proved to the world that style is anything you choose to wear and feel comfortable in. She loved sporting the signature unibrow and moustache, at a time when female facial hair was regarded ugly and unwomanly. She sported hairstyles considered too loud and atrocious, but later garnered a cult following. At Star Lifestyle, we have tried to recreate her bold hairstyles — in an avalanche of colours, oversized flowers, luxurious satins, and soulful tie-dyes! Come fall in love with Star Lifestyle's extravagant feminine hairstyles, inspired by none other than Frida Kahlo.


You might have seen your grandma in upturn braids while browsing through old photographs. We know you found the style amazing, but were a little skeptical to try it out lest anyone thought your sense of fashion is outdated. Be assured, the style is back with a bang!

The upturn braids can be spiced up with the Kahlo style, twisted satin laces or tie-dye scarves, echoing out the ultimate bold, chic and yet a very classy look.

Another style to try with upturn braids is to create flower shapes with the ends of the braid so that there are two hair flowers on the frontal side, right above the forehead. With this look there is no need to use extra flowers in the hair. This works best if you have long hair or use extensions matching perfectly with your hair colour.



The Bengali belle has always been famous for her stylishly draped cotton sari and flower tucked inside the hair bun.

Here, we'd like to present a completely different style, using opulent flowers in different sizes and colours tucked in on the frontal side of the upturn braids.

Imagining people will call you crazy? You are by far mistaken, because this impression is very much in and looks best when paired with loose tops and long skirts. The makeup can either be light or loud, depending on your personality and the ability to walk with confidence and flair.



We all love satin —shirts, saris or laces. Tied to the hair these accessories can cover up any hair related mess that you struggle with. One trendy style that is all the rage at the moment is to lather up the hair with gel, generating the sleek look, and then creating perfect braids with no possible loose ends, and finally twisting it with colourful satin laces.

To re-create the Kahlo effect or to garner the no-nonsense look, the colour choice for the lace is of utmost importance. Laces made of satin are available in white, lime green, pink and light purple, but to achieve our celebratory look, we must use neon greens, blood red, striking orange, magenta, etc.


Even though tie-dye is as common as it gets, where and how you place it can make all the difference! Tie-dye printed scarves twisted simultaneously with braids can sweep many off their feet!  The suggested look is to create a perfect Bohemian hairdo by taking strands of hair from one side of the head to the other side and twisting the colourful dyed scarves in-between.


By Fashion Police

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Photo: Hadi Uddin

Model: Tania

Make-up: Farzana Shakil

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha


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