Microsoft launches Startup Foundation Hub in Bangladesh

Microsoft launches Startup Foundation Hub in Bangladesh

In an effort to helping innovative and ambitious startups across the globe, Microsoft has launched its Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub in Bangladesh.

The global platform provides free access to resources such as productivity and technology tools to startup founders looking to launch their projects and materialise their ideas into reality.

Individuals will have access to cloud platforms like Azure to toolboxes such as Microsoft 365, GitHub Enterprise, and Visual Enterprise. It does not stop there as Microsoft also offers guidance and a shot at empowerment in the form of personalised mentorships through this programme.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from titans of the industry who will help guide them in every step of their startup journey.

Furthermore, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub provides access to Microsoft Learn and startup and unicorn programmes designed to help businesses build connections with customers and grow at a faster rate.  Simply put, you will get access to over $300,000 worth of benefits. Funding your dreams will no longer be an issue.

This comes as a huge boost for Bangladesh's start-up culture and its ambitious and tech-savvy youth population. Dubbed as a hub for digital innovation with a booming startup scene, Bangladesh has made a name for itself in the global startup landscape by amassing over US $727 million in investments since 2013 boasting a number of successful fintech, logistic and mobility, e-commerce and retail-oriented startups.

Bangladesh's 1.5 million-strong startup labour force is the bedrock on which the scene is built upon and Microsoft's initiative gives them access to essential technology and tools that will help bridge gaps and play a key role in helping them grow.  Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub puts particular emphasis on early-stage startups without requiring proof of funding or affiliation with VC, accelerator, or incubator, thereby paving the way for enthusiastic founders in Bangladesh to enter the programme on simply the strength of their ideas and aspirations and nothing else. Its aim is to empower people and organisations to grow more, achieve more and reach greater heights and not be held back by factors such as their background, location or progress.

This is not Microsoft's first initiative to enable Bangladeshi startups blossom. Microsoft Asia and global startup platform She Loves Tech announced a multi-year partnership in Bangladesh to help women-led startups through Microsoft technologies and a network of fellow female founders that will help guide their dreams.

Managing Director for Microsoft Bangladesh, YouTube Md Yousup Faruqu elaborated on how the initiative intends to boost the scene. "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a founder-first programme designed to meet unique needs, is a timely provision for the Bangladeshi startup ecosystem, especially with its aim of broadening avenues of access to founders. With an environment and a community that facilitates rapid digitisation and adaptation of new technology, local startups have the capacity to drive social transformation across all cross-sections of society," he stated.

It will now be easier than ever for Bangladeshi startups to kickstart their journey through Microsoft's initiative that leaves no stones unturned in helping them realise their full potential. The sky's the limit.