Designing your growing child’s room with the proper furniture

Designing your growing child’s room with the proper furniture
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Designing a room for your children needs just as much thought as any other room. It is important that their room reflects their growing age and can be a space for them to concentrate on their studies, practice their hobbies, enjoy their recreational time, and more.

The Bed

The bed is commonly the focal point in any bedroom. For your children, instead of opting for a single bed or bunk beds, consider a larger bed where they can relax. While it is frowned upon and disliked by many parents, children staying up late is bound to happen. They will often wake up late. So, making this area as comfortable as possible with the proper mattress, pillows, blankets and a nightstand, is a good way to ensure that they get the rest they need.

Study area

Your child will look forward to studying time in their personalised space as they get older. Creating a space with a big enough desk and plenty of storage room like drawers and a comfy chair can help them get in the mindset to study. It might be worth considering designing this area in a part of the room where there is good ventilation, like next to a window. If such a space is not available, a bright desk lamp can do the same job and keep them focused. Keep in mind to let your teen add a few unique touches to make the space their own, such as photographs and artwork.


Your teen's room may not be filled with childhood mementos and their kindergarten artwork anymore, but that does not necessarily imply that they are ready to give up these tangible keepsakes of their youth either. Plastic bins with lids and baskets can be used to store these away. Additionally, storage space can be added so that they can keep and organise their clothes, shoes, and other belongings. An effective way to increase storage space is by using hampers, wall-mounted storage boxes, coat hangers and so on. These furniture pieces would not only make the room more convenient for storing items but also add a wholesome and organised feel to it.

Teen lounge

To construct a lounge area, you do not need a lot of room. Teenagers merely desire a little alone time and a relaxing environment. A small bench placed against the footboard of the bed or a soft rug with lounge pillows on the floor can be used to create a comfortable seating area. Lounge chairs, beanbags and comfortable blankets can be placed in this area as well so that they can have friends over for a good time.

To bring the room together, consider wallpaper for the walls or a pastel shade paint. It will make the room look bigger, calm, and give it some movement. Make sure to discuss the design and layout of the room with your child as they will be spending most of their time there. Designing this room with the proper furniture is a long-term investment, and children in this age are unlikely to grow out of it for a while. With all that in mind, be sure to shop from reliable stores to ensure the best for your child.


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