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09:22 PM, June 03, 2019 / LAST MODIFIED: 09:50 PM, June 03, 2019

‘Emotion not a factor now’

Bangladesh team manager Khaled Mahmud said that there is no room for emotions at this stage after the team's 21-run win in the opening match of the 2019 World Cup against South Africa and added that the Tigers now know how to keep emotions in check.

Bangladesh put up their highest-ever ODI score of 330 runs and according to Mahmud, the players know their roles. "We are very focused about what we want to do. Everyone knows their responsibility and roles. This is what I like now, everyone knows their responsibilities. Mosaddek knows how he needs to bat. Yesterday he needed to be aggressive, but on other days he might need to take some time – but he knows what to do. This a big plus point. We don't have Brian Lara or Sachin Tendulkar, but what we have is not insignificant," he said while talking to reporters today.

Mahmud was a key member of the side when Bangladesh played their first World Cup in 1999, incidentally also in England. He looked back at that period of the Bangladesh national team talked about how the scenario has changed in the last 20 years.

"We talked about that at the start. I related an experience from the 1999 World Cup – we played very well in the practice matches, beating Middlesex and Essex. We were not the type of team to beat those sides, if I am being honest. When the World Cup started, especially the first match against New Zealand in Chelmsford, we were very emotional. I said to the boys that there should not be any emotion here. We have come to play the World Cup, it is a big tournament, we won't be emotional and instead do our jobs,"' he said, pointing out the team's focus.

"Everyone talked about this, Mashrafe talked about this, and I think that really got through. I don't think emotion is a factor now," Mahmud concluded.

The Tigers pulled off a big win, one that would help calm the nerves and for now it appears the emotions are in check.

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