Shahidul Alam, Munem Wasif, Tanzim Wahab appointed curators of Bienniale für aktuelle Fotografie 2024

Tanzim Wahab, Shahidul Alam und Munem Wasif (von links nach rechts), die frisch ernannten Kuratoren der Biennale 2024. Photo: Collected/ Lys Y. Seng

Renowned photographers Shahidul Alam, Munem Wasif, and Tanzim Wahab have been named curators of the Bienniale für aktuelle Fotografie 2024.

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute shared the news from their official Facebook page.

They have been invited to a presentation together with four other potential curators and their approach was able to convince the board and team of the biennale as well as the directors of the six participating exhibition houses. With three curators from Bangladesh, the Biennale is being conceived for the first time by a trio outside of Europe.

The fourth Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie will take place from March 16 to May 12, 2024. In terms of content, it will deal with diverse forms of collaboration, the plurality of voices between the Global North and the Global South.


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