New Coke Studio Bangla song will be unveiled in Chattogram

 New Coke Studio Bangla song will be unveiled in Chattogram
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Coke Studio's new song, which will feature Arnob and Boga Taleb, will unveil at Chattrogram's Boat Club and enjoy the live experience along with the singers. 

The programme will kick off at 8 pm. Arnob will be seen alongside Boga Taleb and Idris during the premiere of their song. 


Yesterday, Coke Studio announced the news along with a Google doc file for fans in Chittagong to sign up, and join the event. Within 4 hours, the registration was closed. 

Arnob announced the news on his Facebook account. 

"It is not my concert, we will be launching our new song together. Whoever wants to join us, can come to CTG's boat club and experience the live screening," read his post. 

"We will talk about the song and you will get to see the geniuses behind the music. You guys already know Boga and if you don't know Idris, then you must have heard him playing 'clarinet' for the song 'Noyon Tomare'. We will have such a wonderful time listening to the song and will enjoy a wonderful conversation across the Karnaphuli river. If I get some free time, then I might sing one or two songs for my lovely fans," added the singer. 

Fans can also watch the live screening of the song from Coke Studio's Facebook at 8:45 pm.