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Cryptozoology is the study of animals whose existence has not been proven by mainstream science. These “cryptids” are at times legendary – such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Bigfoot. But on the other hand, creatures once dismissed as hoaxes – such as the Komodo dragon and even the giant squid, have been formally recognised. The earth is home to millions of creatures, most yet undiscovered – with that in mind we present some cryptids who may well someday prove to be real.

What: The Mongolian Death Worm
Where: The Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Why should I be afraid? : This creature is a freakishly large, fat, red worm that measures up to 3 to 5 feet long. Mongolian locals claim to have seen these around the desert, attacking unsuspecting victims by spewing acid from its mouth. An acid so strong that anything it touches is “burnt dead.” If that isn't scary enough, these horrors are also known to kill at a distance with an electric discharge. Shocking…
Oh God! Is it real?: Most Mongolian locals living around the desert believe that the death worm is real. At the same time, several eyewitness records exist and there even have been many expeditions to search for this death worm – although without ever finding one. Some scientists offer the explanation that these might be a sort of venom-spitting snake, worm lizards or the effects of strong local liquor.

What: Ahool
Where: The rainforests of Java, Indonesia
Why should I be afraid?: These are enormous carnivorous bats with large eyes, monkey-like heads, large claws and bodies covered in gray fur. To add to this nightmare -- they are believed to have a wingspan as long as 12 feet, twice the size of the largest known bat (not Batman). Locals report that they fatally sink their teeth into the victim's neck and snatch them away. Did we mention that the victims are mostly humans?
Oh God! Is it real?: The deep rainforests of Java harbor lots of long-wing-spanned creatures, including owls and eagles. Ahools are generally considered to be mistaken glimpses of large birds of prey in the remote forests, since they have a tendency to dive bomb people with their claws deep into the night.

What: Dobhar-chú
Where: Lakes and rivers of Ireland
Why should I be afraid?: This creature is a legendary otter-like animal that supposedly lives in the isolated rivers and lakes of Ireland. They are known to attack humans and dogs, often dragging their victims into the water while making a haunting screech. To ruin your dreams of running away from it, a few stories claim that they are not only fast in water, but also able to keep up with a horse on land.
Oh God! Is it real?: The Dobhar-chú have been documented by eyewitnesses, even recently, and is said to have attacked people throughout the years. In Ireland, there are at least two well-known gravesites -- dating back to 1772 -- which suggest that victims were killed by this creature, even providing a drawing of what the beast looked like. A good swim in the Irish waters might uncover what exactly is making seafood out of people.

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