Dhaka mayors vision for clean city by next year (video)

Dhaka city will be cleaned within next year through proper waste management systems, the two newly elected mayors of Dhaka city corporations said today.

Talking to The Daily Star Online after a roundtable conference, both the DNCC and DSCC mayors expressed their visions to make Dhaka a livable city as soon as possible during the very first year of their five-year terms.

"We hope to improve the waste management system by the next six months and we are contemplating about properly carrying out the waste management procedures," said DNCC mayor Annisul Huq.

All the occupied city parks and lakes will be freed to make them more attractive, he said, adding, "We have planned to work in terms of six months, one, two and five years."

DSCC mayor, Sayeed Khokon said," Of all pledges, firstly, we want to build Dhaka as a clean and livable city by the first year, followed by improving the traffic system and repair the roads and streets to reduce jam."

"We will bring a positive change to Dhaka," he added.

On April 29, Awami League-backed candidates Annisul Huq and Sayeed Khokon were elected as the mayors of Dhaka North and Dhaka South city corporations respectively.


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