Beijing ties no threat to Delhi's interests

Says analyst

The growing Bangladesh-China relationship, now seen at its new historical turning point, is “not a threat” to the strategic interests of India, says an international political analyst.

“The investments China is expected to make in Bangladesh doesn't pose any challenge to the Indian strategic interests,” Dr Ali Riaz, professor and chair of the Department of Politics and Government at the Illinois State University, told the news agency in a brief interview yesterday.

Understandably, India is closely watching the developments because Bangladesh is under India's sphere of influence and it would like to see the status quo is maintained, he said.

Prof Riaz, an expert on South Asian politics, said it is good to see that the relationship between Bangladesh and China is growing.

Earlier, Dr Li Li, associate research fellow of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, at a function in Bangladesh, said Bangladesh's growing relations with India will have no negative impact on Bangla-Sino ties as China is also looking for stronger relations with India.



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