‘India to allow wheat export’

Says the country’s food and public distribution minister
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Nearly a fortnight after deciding to curb wheat supplies abroad, India today said it would continue to allow the export of the crop to neighbouring and vulnerable countries.

"India will continue to allow wheat export for countries which are in serious need, are friendly and have the letter of credit," said Piyush Goyal, consumer affairs and food and public distribution minister of India.

He was speaking at the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland.

Goyal mentioned that while a 7-8 per cent rise in India's wheat production was expected this year, severe heat waves led to early harvest and loss of production.

"Given this situation, what we are producing is about enough for domestic consumption," he added.

Goyal said India was never a traditional player in the international wheat market and the export of wheat only began about two years ago.

He said that last year seven lakh tonnes of wheat were exported and a majority was done within the last two months when the war between Russia-Ukraine developed.

"India wheat exports are less than one per cent of world trade and our export regulation should not affect global markets," said Goyal, who is also India's commerce and industry minister.

"We continue to allow exports to vulnerable countries and neighbours," the minister said without naming any country.

India began curbing its wheat export on May 13 after expecting a shortfall in domestic output due to a severe heatwave in March-April.


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