Indian businesses keen to invest heavily here

Indian businesses showed interest to invest heavily in various sectors of Bangladesh.

The leaders of the Bharat Chamber of Commerce (BCC) expressed this interest at a meeting with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (Bida) at the conference room of Bida in the city's Agargaon on Monday.

A 10-member delegation of the BCC is now on a four-day visit to Bangladesh to find the business opportunities here. 

Indian businessmen have always been interested to be development partners of Bangladesh, said NG Khaitan, president of BCC.

India and Bangladesh have always been friendly countries and Bangladesh has achieved tremendous success in the last 10 years, he said.

"We have come to Bangladesh on a four-day visit to check the investment areas in Bangladesh," said Abhik Roy, secretary general of BCC.

"Our investors are interested to invest in various sectors of Bangladesh."

Bangladesh has become one of the best investment destinations thanks to the infrastructural development the country has achieved, its political stability, stable economic growth and its successful response to the Covid-19 pandemic, said Lokman Hossain Miah, executive chairman of Bida.

Bangladesh is a large and growing market of with 170 million people and the number of people in the mid-income group is increasing by the day, he said.

The Bida has taken various investment expansion activities, including setting up of 100 economic zones and 27 hi-tech parks, he said.

"Bangladesh will become an upper middle-income nation within a decade. So now is the best time to invest in the country."



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