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  • Zobaida Nasreen

  • How could we forget our women martyrs?

    When I ask students and young people if they can name some women martyrs of our Liberation War, I see blank looks or faces filled with confusion.
  • Rokeya and the need for more sisterhood

    In the last few weeks, about 40 Bangladeshi domestic workers in Saudi Arabia posted video messages on social media with SOS calls to be rescued.
  • Is banning student politics the solution to campus criminality?

    The death of Abrar Fahad epitomises the need for tolerance towards dissenting voices. He is a martyr to the cause of free speech. Employing his brutal death to silence political dissent and to eliminate political rights on campus is wrong. He did not deserve such betrayal.
  • What’s wrong with our university admins?

    The last few weeks have been marked by a torrent of revelations about cases of corruption, irregularities and complete subservience to the establishment in the country’s higher education institutions.
  • Rape of males: It’s all about patriarchy

    We hear about women getting raped almost every day through newspapers, social media, and sometimes from our friends and family members. Sexual assault on women has become so pervasive that it is hard to come across a victim who is not female. By contrast,