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  • Wahiduddin Mahmud

  • How democracies die and economies grow

    There are two prominent themes of contemporary development discourses, both lacking a consensus, as reflected in academic research and in their popular versions in bestseller books.
  • A matter of definition?

    In 2015, we welcomed the good news that Bangladesh had graduated from the low-income to low-middle-income status in the World Bank's classification of countries.
  • In memory of Simeen Mahmud

    It is both difficult and painful to write an obituary of a spouse, particularly if the death is an untimely one. Yet many friends and academic colleagues of Simeen, my wife who has recently died at a Harvard hospital within hours of being rushed to the emergency room, have requested me to do so since they think that she was both my “intellectual and life's partner”.
  • Ambitious, populist with eye on polls

    If the past record of budget implementation is any guide, the proposed budget definitely looks ambitious in terms of both revenue