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  • Taslima Yasmin

  • Assam citizenship row: Will Bangladesh be affected?

    More than four million people in Assam are possibly no longer Indian citizens as per the recently published draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), a process meant to identify and delist those who are “illegal migrants” living in this northeastern state of India.
  • Proving 'good character' in a rape trial

    It is often the case that rape victims prefer to remain silent or "settle" the matter through informal village mediations, instead of resorting to the formal legal system.
  • The 'shameless' victim of the 'shameful' offence

    The courts in the subcontinent including our Supreme Court had held in a number of decisions that in case of sexual offence there is no illegality in convicting the accused on the sole testimony of the victim. But in reality, the courts have hardly applied this rule in a rape prosecution, particularly in Bangladesh.
  • Colonial law doesn't do justice to rape victims

    The current definition of rape in our Penal Code was formulated in 1890 back in colonial times.
  • The illegalities of enemy turned vested property

    The law of enemy property has a long and complex history in Bangladesh. Although it originated from the emergency laws