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  • Tariq Karim

    Tariq Karim, a former career diplomat and academic, is currently Visiting Fellow at BRAC University.

  • Bangabandhu: the architect of Bangladesh's foreign policy

    We celebrate 2020 as “Mujib Borsho”, to mark our Founding Father Bangabandhu’s birth centenary; we also mourn, and reflect on, his brutal assassination 46 years ago on the 15th August 1975.
  • Coping with coronavirus and preparing for a life after it

    April 13 was Easter Monday, an everlasting testimony to the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion and its symbolic assertion that there is life after what is perceived as death. In the midst of a somewhat stifling home confinement in fear of the ubiquitously merciless and relentlessly marauding novel coronavirus, somehow the day and its symbolism was comfortingly reassuring.
  • Preparing for a post COVID-19 world

    Three days ago, on March 25, listening to a briefing on the then available latest global statistics about the COVID-19, I learnt that the global total of recorded cases was then a little over 400,000, spread across over 169 countries.
  • Implications of coronavirus for regional and global cooperation

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues marauding the globe, flattening developed and undeveloped, urban and rural, national and regional landscapes, blithely jumping across oceans and continents, one may be forgiven for thinking, somewhat desperately: is this the advent of Armageddon in our times?
  • Bangabandhu and his timeless exhortations to the nation

    One cannot conceive of India emerging as an independent, modern nation-state without the leadership of Gandhi,