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  • Talat Ahmed

    Talat is a sub-editor at Shout and a visual artist. Reach him at @talatxhmed on Instagram.

  • How to Register for the Covid-19 Vaccine in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh's nationwide vaccination programme began on February 7, 2021. The government has created a web portal, Surokkha, for easy registration for both doses of the vaccine.
  • Le Haluwa

    Ma comes home with a tiny little piece of haluwa wrapped in taut plastic—the kind you get at hospitals. She holds it up in the air, her fingers a jeweller’s vice, and says, “See the haluwa?”

    As someone who’s never quite had the skill and talent to play actual football, my own love for the game is a tad different from those who’s fondest memories take place on the pitch. Rather than being one of the players, I (and I suspect those who also lack the physical prowess) dream of being the manager instead of the player. Football Manager (FM) lets me do just that.
  • Editorial

    Unpopular opinion: As much as I revel in the satisfaction of throwing “OK boomer” at any senile octogenarian, I can’t help but feel hypocritical somewhat as a generation.
  • Editorial

    It’s easy to tell if someone likes someone, but infinitely harder to tell if someone likes you.