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  • Sketching out the shades of discrimination laws: Colourism in context

    The Black Lives Matter campaign inspired informed debates and discussions on racism and colourism across the world. In this backdrop, several notable beauty conglomerates recently decided to remove words like ‘white/whitening’ and fair/fairness from their products’ packs and communication with a view to evolving their skin care portfolio to a more inclusive vision of beauty.
  • What can you do with a law degree?

    If you’re studying law, you are probably referred to as a lawyer by friends and family on a regular basis. In fact, many students choose to get a law degree to pursue a career as an attorney.
  • An Overview of Environmental Laws of Bangladesh

    With the imminent threat of climate change on one hand and the everyday cost of deteriorating habitability on the other, Bangladesh is
  • Legal framework for workplace safety

    Workplace health and safety conditions in Bangladesh has seen steady improvements since the disastrous Rana Plaza incident which