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  • Remembering Talat Mahmood on his birthday

    Talat Mahmood, as a singer, had a special gift being endowed with what is called a melodious voice, or makhmali awaz in his native Urdu.
  • SOUMITRA CHOTTOPADDHAY: An honest thespian

    Noted actor Soumitra Chottopaddhay was born on this day in 1935 in Krishnanagar Nadia. He is known to follow Russian theatre actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski, whose method explains that the actor must experience the character.
  • DILIP KUMAR Turns 96!

    Dev Anand once told Dilip Kumar " Lala, tu saw saal jiyega"(Lala, [family name] you will reach the centennial mark!). Dilip Kumar turns 96 today. He was born as Muhammad Yusuf Khan to Ayesha Begum and Lala Ghulam Sarwar Ali Khan in a Muslim Hindko-speaking Awan family in Kissa Qhawni Bazar, Peshawar, in 1922.
  • Salil Chowdhury: Remembering the maestro on his birthday

    Salil Chowdhury was a maestro of prolific talent. His métier as a composer crossed boundaries, blending the sounds of east with the west. His mastery of musical instruments was proverbial. He could play the flute, piano, esraj and any other instrument he could lay his hands on.
  • Hemanta Mukhopaddhay's 29th death anniversary

    Hemanta Mukhopaddhay's 29th death anniversary today

    Hemanta Mukhopaddhay was a phenomenon of his time. He had a baritone voice, much like Pankaj Mullick, another pioneer in Bangla film music. The enchantment that Hemanta had weaved during his legendary career lives on 29 years after his death on 26 September, 1989.