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  • Pestilential Scourge - The Plague

    Published in 1947, the background of Albert Camus' The Plague is that of Oran, a coastal town of colonial Algeria. The author certainly
  • I Can Choose to Go, But Why Should I?

    Perhaps, it is better to turn around.
  • The Vanishing American Adult

    Benjamin Eric Sasse aka Ben Sasse is a freshman Republican Senator from Nebraska. A doctorate in American History from Yale, Sasse was named President of Midwestern University, Freemont Nebraska in 2010.
  • Gabo's Solitude

    Love for stories, rather fairy tales, begins from childhood. The stories of childhood travel by flights of fancy. As we grow up though,
  • Tales of Everlasting Endearment

    Women and children in masterly works of fiction tend to be endearing. From Bengal to Russia, the endearment lasts a lifetime;