Syed Ashfaqul Haque

Farmers kick-start a freshwater machine

Water is everywhere in and around Bangladesh, yet the lack of freshwater is one of its most pressing concerns.

No hope for the new poor

Money is not a problem, and the government too intends to support the poor in their dire need. What’s the problem then? The government does not know who to help out!

Opinion: Govt shoots a messenger

She wasn’t handcuffed. Yet, she was indeed guarded by hordes of police personnel all the time: from custody to court. Following an overnight stay in custody, she was taken to court with a “guard of dishonour” and then hauled on to a prison van to jail on Tuesday.

Eid is here, joy is not

Eid is in a day or two, no? You have to ask just to be sure.

Opinion: Hiss or boom?

Steam goes off, lid in the handle slides down to be in airtight mode, and pressure starts to mount again within the sealed pot before the next hiss.

Hiss or boom?

Steam goes off, lid in the handle slides down to be in airtight mode, and pressure starts to mount again within the sealed pot before the next hiss. At the end of a few hissings, foods are cooked faster than time, with lesser energy burnt. A simple knowledge about "how to manage pressure" led to the invention of pressure cooker by French physicist Denis Papin way back in 1679.

Fix the error, not the mirror

Just imagine a day without a mirror. You’re getting ready for work, not knowing how you look. Your car, without rear-view mirrors, is on the busy road to office, negotiating the peak hour traffic.

Fix the error, not the mirror

The reflections in the controlled media are just like visual distortions to people, who always turn to free media for authentic information. A free media is after all the mirror they need. And, press freedom, not the ‘praise freedom’, is what turns a media into that mirror.

‘Great Wall’ for free media falls

Humility is the rarity that goes sorely missing in people with power. Among hordes of influential people in our society, only a few stand apart as rarity, a light of hope for the society against show of arrogance. With the passing of Latifur Rahman, a light of rarity went out for good.

Some are more equal to govt

Protected and unprotected: an oblique line of the government’s preference separated the two.

All aren’t equal to government

Protected and unprotected: an oblique line of the government’s preference separated the two.

Eid is here, not the smile

Eid is here, yet a sense of huge emptiness engulfs each of us. Happiness, where has it gone?

Giving is contagion’s call to the affluent

A private foundation of Suhana and Anis Ahmed sends out this message to society’s all-haves while taking some burdens off the shoulders of no-haves during an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that Bangladesh has ever faced due to coronavirus pandemic.

Friend in need is a friend indeed

About 13,000 drivers of CNG-run three-wheelers in the country are among this vulnerable group. They have mostly remained out of the radar of aid. The government’s assistance or wealthy people’s financial help have hardly reached them. Having exhausted meagre savings and loans from relatives, they’re bracing themselves for the seemingly inevitable.

Launch in Tokyo, cheers in Dhaka

Bangladesh got a little break from the doom and gloom of the coronavirus pandemic yesterday when Hitachi in Tokyo launched its made-in-Bangladesh IoT application-based airCloud Pro device, which manages large cooling and heating systems remotely.

Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning launches IoT product using Bangladeshi software know-how

Bangladesh got a little break from the doom and gloom of the coronavirus pandemic yesterday when Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning in Tokyo launched its made-in-Bangladesh IoT application-based airCloud Pro device, which manages large cooling and heating systems remotely.

Heartbreaks; hope for herd immunity

“Herd immunity” is the ultimate answer to any pandemic, and Bangladesh, by no choice of its own, is rushing towards it to keep coronavirus at bay.

You die, we live!

Discount, deferred payment, auction or cancellation! Options are being dished out by the buyers and importers of Bangladeshi garments to its makers. As Europe stutters to reopen after the coronavirus pandemic, global apparel businesses are making up their loss with money of manufacturers.

Snapshots of life: April is cruel, May may be cruelest

April in Dhaka is not what we know of. The month behaves almost like spring now.

Ghosts around machines?

Unlike any polls in the past, eligible city dwellers yesterday were free to exercise their right to vote through machine, for the first time, at all centres across Dhaka.

Thumbs we all are sucking on!

“Casino” in Bangladesh! Not one or two, 60 in total are operating right in Dhaka city. It’s no makeshift, behind-the-shanty mundane affair. Inside, those “casinos” are as real and as glittering as in Las Vegas. All were there: gambling machine, liquor, and swirling of no less than 120 crore taka every night.

Change Maker: Eyes in distress, eyes of hope

Ehsan Hoque was lucky not to be blind for life, after his birth in 1964. Born with congenital cataracts, an optical disorder responsible for child blindness, he could survive with a limited eyesight. However, unlike most other victims of child blindness because of infections or nutritional deficiencies in pregnancies, his story was to unfold completely differently over the next five decades. His eyes in distress would eventually transform him into an angel parent of children in distress.

Empty yet not empty!

Empty! Emptiness, everywhere across Dhaka North yesterday. Empty voting centre, empty polling booth, empty ballot box and empty look in the faces of polling officials. As if the word empty personified the city elections of yesterday, the day when over 30 lakh voters were supposed to elect the mayor of their region.

How dare you hit my child!

How dare you hit my children! These are the children whom we protect every single moment from every single harm. We leave nothing to chances as far as their security is concerned. Our children on the streets have come under attack, and we, the parents, have every right to ask who has given them the right to touch our children.

Ball is now in govt's court

Road-wise, Bangladesh remained a student republic for the last seven days. It's about time it went back to what it is: a people's republic.

Fixing all ills by beating?

We never take one unique medicine for all illness. Do we? Never. Because it invariably would compound the illness and wreak havoc on the delicate human body, causing death even.

Hearts won by Croatia

From Russia, with no surprise!

Luck plays its part

Lady Luck plays a small but significant role in a World Cup that runs over a month.

Croatia too dangerous

Warriors! That is the word that describes Croatia the best.

Fifa gains in game of losers

Here comes a game that no one wants to be involved in. What glory can two losers achieve from a third-place deciding game? For teams, nothing but the World Cup matters. It's just cruel to ask one of the losing semifinalists to lose again.

It's not coming home

Sorry, England! It's not the World Cup, but the footballers who are coming home.

Apology to beautiful football

France won the match, but not the hearts. The first semifinal between the two best sides of the World Cup failed to live up to its Battle Royale billing. It was a good match but could have been great had France not played negative football. There was no reason for France to play defensively.

Lots of fights within a fight

France, Belgium face off. The two best teams of this World Cup lock horns tonight. A dream match that has every potential to live up to its billing as a Battle Royale.

Wind of change in football

Football is played in cycles, although they do not change often.

Respect Russia

Heartbreak for hosts, but Russians were heroes. Ranked 70th in the world and playing in this World Cup by virtue of being the host nation, Russia were taken on neither seriously nor respectfully by rivals and pundits. But what a gallant run the elderly Russian players had in this tournament.

Lady Luck was not with Brazil

What a match it was Friday midnight! A cracker of a contest that was fought hard till the end.

Winner not on the field

Four years ago, Brazil were hit by a tragedy bigger than a tsunami. A 7-1 thrashing by Germany was beyond the wildest imagination of the proud football nation.

Sky is the limit for Mbappe

France's Kylian Mbappe is undoubtedly fast.

Too much on Friday

The World Cup in Russia shifts up another gear.

Love this Japan!

Japan were just incredible!

Tite's pack of wolves ready

It's been a strange World Cup so far in Russia: smiles for also-rans and tears for big guns.

Portugal missed a Eusebio

It was a Black Saturday that saw the fall of the two most glittering stars of world football.

Messi remains Club King

With hands on hips, eyes bleary and lips quivering, he looks on after losing another crunch match.

Time to say goodbyes

It's time for some tearful goodbyes as the World Cup goes down to wire.

Who’s heading home?

It’s now crunch time, as the World Cup in Russia reaches the knockout round. For fans, tonight holds the most crucial hours of tournament, when two of the four leading football nations -- Argentina or France and Portugal or Uruguay -- will head home with broken hearts.

Mood vs pressure

The World Cup's tryst with Telstar 18 came to an end Thursday night. The high-tech official football, made by Adidas, proved to be quite exciting as it produced goals in all but one of the 44 matches played with it.

Writing was on the wall

Heartbroken and humiliated, Germany will be haunted by South Korea for years.

Cheers, only for now

Lionel Messi lives on in the World Cup, at least for another match in Russia.

June 27, 2018
June 27, 2018

'Penaldo' fails too

Winners won matches and losers the hearts in the early hours Tuesday.

June 26, 2018
June 26, 2018

It's game of maths now

It's a game of mathematics now. The World Cup in Russia has reached an exciting phase. Except for eight teams, the fate of the rest hangs in the balance.

June 25, 2018
June 25, 2018

A typical Germany

It was a typical German show of grit and guts: never-say-die till the long whistle.

June 24, 2018
June 24, 2018

Nothing goes missing in Brazil's win

Whew! What a relief Friday night offered to fans of two Latin American football powerhouses -- Brazil and Argentina -- in Bangladesh and beyond.

June 23, 2018
June 23, 2018


What a shocker it was! No football buff, I believe, saw this coming. Argentina, the powerhouse of world football, are on the brink of elimination this early from the World Cup in Russia.

June 22, 2018
June 22, 2018

Ronaldo the winner so far

They are the livewires of their clubs -- Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. They are the ones with whom their countries -

June 21, 2018
June 21, 2018

'King of Egypt', goodbye

With hands on hips, shoulders slightly slumped, eyes wide shut, he looked into an emptiness from the middle of the stadium. As if time just froze with the long whistle from the referee. And the king was just defeated.

June 20, 2018
June 20, 2018

EXIT, reads the second slip-up

Sit tight! Some nail-biting affairs are on the cards as the World Cup has already promised to be quite unpredictable for fans and pundits alike.

June 19, 2018
June 19, 2018

Topsy-turvy start for top teams

Bangladeshis celebrated Eid with the World Cup adding a kind of spice they did not quite expect.

June 15, 2018
June 15, 2018

One for all

The next month holds many stories, and the beautiful game has narrative thread and needle at the ready to weave a tapestry that its followers will know by heart and harken back to for years to come.