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  • life gives you lemons

    When life gives you lemons but no lemonade

    If given the choice to play thumb war and win a burger or to possibly do ten push ups and then win a burger, most of us would choose thumb war. Why? Because it is as simple as it sounds and takes up less energy and time. So, the question eventually pops -- are we slaves to simplicity?
  • The friendship complex zone

    As a child of growing interest, the idea of having friends and partners to play afternoon games with seemed like the best part of the day. However, as we grow up, our ideals and environment change, and so do we. With those changes around us, people seem to come and go. Before you know it, you are in your 20s or 30s and you think life through all over again and the true friends you make. But what even is a “true” friend?
  • Of Jerseys and Flags: The FIFA 2018 prep

    With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in full swing, the tension and excitement of the fans are at their peaks. If you haven't done any of the preparations for the game, now is as good a time as any.
  • Fashion inspiration from the field

    The shimmering lights, intense fight, and sweat and tears of rejoice after every game is not the only thing football players have done to win the heart of millions. Following years of practice and winning various trophies, these international football players have become more than just athletes.
  • The fan club get together: A bite with your FIFA bunch

    With the FIFA World Cup going ahead at full steam, the amount of excitement cannot be described with mere words. There are going to be plans and sleepovers every now and then and you know it. Nevertheless, with work, classes and chores that keep you busy most of the week, it is not always possible to have sleepovers. Here's