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  • Natir Puja: A Tale of Devotion and Sacrifice as Opposed to Jealousy and Tyranny

    Quite a few of Rabindranath Tagore’s dance dramas and poems develop around the idea of Buddhist philosophy that induces people to lead a simple life, to gain an understanding of the injustice and inequality prevailing in society, and to acquire knowledge and develop a deeper insight about the universe.
  • Hilsa Fish Hunting

    Hunting for Hilsa

    My mother told me to get a big Ilish maach for Pohela Baishakh. My face went pale. However much I claimed to love my mother, I had no wish to go to the maachher bazaar.
  • Touring the Land of the Lake Poets

    The picturesque mountainous area in the north-west part of England, commonly known as the Lake District, is a top favorite tourist
  • London and the Tower of London

    In a previous article, I wrote about my visit to Haworth, Yorkshire, home of the Brontë sisters. Now I think that if I don't write about the Big Smoke, I will be leaving out a big part of my experience in England.
  • A Walk around the Home of Emily Brontë

    Around 2014, while working on my dissertation on Emily Brontë, I suddenly realized that it was rather strange that I had never been to Yorkshire.