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  • Keats and the Elgin Marbles—Message from Parthenon

    The classic collection of marble sculptures from Parthenon at the British Museum, commonly known as the Elgin Marbles, has been a vexed source of doubt, appreciation, enthusiasm, disapproval, and envy ever since they were brought to England during 1802-1812.
  • Dorothy Wordsworth: The Muse of the Lyrical Ballads

    It might seem strange to many that the muse of the revolutionary work Lyrical Ballads is no other than Dorothy Wordsworth, the younger sister of William Wordsworth.
  • Gondal: The Fanciful World of Emily Brontë

    I was a student of ninth grade when I first discovered Emily Brontë.
  • Nights with Nicole

    “You gave me such a fright last night! I thought you were dying.”
  • Searching for One’s Spirit Animal

    Many of us have often taken similar tests online. The native Americans believe that from birth to death, there is this animal that guides one through thick and thin. But seriously, do we ever really consider what animal guides us through our lifetime? Are we comfortable