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  • Justice is the only way to prevent recurrence of genocide

    Eminent Indian political psychologist and social theorist Ashis Nandy talks to Shamsuddoza Sajen of The Daily Star about various aspects of genocide in the context of South Asia, particularly Bangladesh.
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    Bangladesh has been maintaining robust growth over the last two decades. The present government is committed to
  • Rampal Power Plant: Myths debunked

    The critics of Rampal include environmentalists, scientists and experts. Yet, the defence for the power plant has remained the same. But, under scrutiny, how do these claims, meant to relieve us of our fears about the potential risks of the power plant, hold?
  • Why rape victims stay silent

    From the outdated legal concepts under which cases of rape are tried in court, the “medical” tests that are required for proving rape, to the institutions which are supposed to stand by the survivor, it is not surprising that many women are scared or traumatised to even report incidents of sexual violence.
  • Fourth Anniversary Of The Rana Plaza Collapse: Where do we stand?

    The Daily Star talks to three experts - a researcher, a labour activist and a development professional - about the progress Bangladesh has made and the challenges it still faces.