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  • Shamsuddoza Sajen

    Shamsuddoza Sajen is a journalist and researcher. He can be contacted at

  • Pakistan’s sinking economy

    The Pakistan government was reported ready to carry out recommendations of the United States, the World Bank, the international Monetary Fund and other international donors for a 100 percent devaluation of its currency, from 4.6 rupees to the dollar to more nearly 9, 10 or 11.
  • Witness to the killing of Italian priest

    Pakistan Martial Law authorities ordered the domolition of the Shaheed Minar in Dhaka, reported Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).
  • Road to Freedom: This Day in Bangladesh Liberation War History

    US President Richard Nixon in a letter issued today to Pakistan President Yahya Khan expressed his concern over the loss of life and human suffering in East Pakistan. However, he sympathised with Yahya and said, “I understand the anguish you must have felt in making the difficult decisions you have faced.”
  • US Senate unit asks Pakistan arms cutoff

    A heavy fight broke out today at Teliapara, Sylhet. Pakistani Army in the guise of Indian BSF breached the defences of Bangladesh force and were in firing position.
  • The books that went to war

    The books authored and published during a war always have an archival quality; they capture the time in its crudest form. They are a seamless blend