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  • Shammi Quddus

  • Have you said these sexist things at work?

    Everyone deserves an inclusive and respectful environment at work. However, women face many challenges in this respect.
  • Getting more women into tech

    Bangladesh now has a thriving technology startup ecosystem. Companies are reaching scale, attracting significant venture funding and hiring in large numbers.
  • Stop shaming stay-at-home women

    Stop shaming stay-at-home women

    The importance of women having financial independence cannot be overstated. It is the number one reason women stay in an abusive
  • When does creative content break the law?

    A short film released this month caused quite a stir on social media. The short titled “Boishommo” (Discrimination) shows a young man, the protagonist, hanging out in the park with his friends, when he spots a woman smoking in public.