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  • Next-gen consoles: More than just gaming hardware

    The middle of November saw some of the quickest ecommerce website crashes in recent memory. Hundreds of thousands of gamers looking to cop a next gen console flooded the likes of Walmart, Amazon, and other prominent retail chains. The target? A next-gen console.
  • Streaming NOW

    This article will guide you to truly succeed in the world of streaming.
  • False Rewind

    “You need to promise me that you won’t mention this to anyone,” Ray’s eyes twitched about, scanning the unusually clean white ceiling in the damp, old room.
  • Ludwig II’s fairy tale castle

    During my trip to Europe, one of the destinations I had planned to visit was Neuschwanstein Castle. I thought it would be just another historical building, but it is so much more than that.
  • Chainsaws and Guided Missiles Galore

    The Gears of War series has never been one to shy away from delivering some of the most over-the-top action that video games can offer today. Does Gears 5 continue that steamroll? Or does it feel like a beat-up monster truck running on fumes?