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  • Ming's man-made marvel

    The Great Wall of China stands as a testament of human endurance and perseverance. Few things in this world can compare to this awe-inspiring architectural feat. I knew I had to go and see it on my recent trip to Beijing.
  • Battle Field V What a turnaround

    Nowadays in the world of video games, betas are pretty much fully representative of the final product. Battlefield V turned out to be an exception. Once I got into my first multiplayer match, things felt really different. But did it change for the better? Or did DICE track back on some good gameplay mechanics?
  • A step in the right direction

    Expecting anything other than incremental updates to this year's FIFA is more than far-fetched. However, FIFA 19 manages to gently nudge the series in the right direction.
  • Job-shaming: it's too real

    Many of you reading this article will be graduates in the next couple of years. During that time, you'll see people from your batch getting great opportunities at the top companies. However, those positions are limited in number. So, the rest will have to miss out on those jobs.

    Anticipation is what I had when I jumped into my first match. What I left with, was disappointment. The Battlefield V Open Beta went live on September 4 for people who either had Origin Access or pre-ordered the game. For the rest of us who are more conscious about our expenditure regarding video games, it went live on September 6. The beta ended on September 11.