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  • Selim Raihan

    The writer is Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Executive Director, South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM). Email:

  • Expanding social protection

    One major challenge faced by policymakers in most developing countries is that though conventional measurements of poverty are useful in identifying the poor people in general, these measurements fail to capture the critical sections of the population who are
  • Addressing our growing inequality using fiscal policy

    Economic growth with the reduction in poverty and inequality are important development objectives in the policymaking process in Bangladesh.
  • Prioritise investment in human capital

    Education and health play key roles in human capital formation. Investment in human capital formation is considered a means of improving the quality of life and sustaining economic growth. Education and health are regarded as critical pathways to economic development as they increase the productivity of individuals and generate skilled labour force.
  • Hiccups of 'Development Surprise'

    Bangladesh's economic growth and development performance over the past two decades have been impressive.
  • The need for the 'correct' politics of development

    Despite diverging economic and political trajectories, South Asian countries share commonalities in terms of emerging development challenges in the wake of the new world and regional dynamics.