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  • Sazzadul Hassan

  • China’s return to normalcy: a lesson for others

    China is indeed a surprise package! The country, from which the deadly coronavirus originates, seems to have recovered well as not only has it successfully contained the virus, but is also slowly showing signs of a return to normalcy as far as the economy is concerned.
  • Collective efforts key to fighting pandemic

    The deadly coronavirus has started to take an outrageous toll. More than nine-and-a-half million people across the globe have been infected while nearly half-a-million people unfortunately lost their lives to the disease.
  • Managing business during and after pandemic

    It was a bolt from the blue! This pandemic has truly taken everybody to a surprise. The deadly germ didn’t take much time to spread all across the globe after it originated in China in December last year. Around 3 million people living in more than 200 countries have been infected so far, out of which about 200,000 innocent lives were perished.
  • Work from home – a reality today

    With the outbreak of deadly coronavirus all across the world, global companies like Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter and may others have already asked all or a portion of their employees to stay at home and operate from there.
  • Jack Welch: an exceptional business leader

    Business magazine Fortune named Jack Welch as “Manager of the Century” in 1999. The Financial Times termed General Electric (GE) “the World’s Most Respected Company” for the third straight year in 2000.