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  • Sayeed Ahmed

    Sayeed Ahmed is a development professional involved in the infrastructure consulting business for over 20 years and has worked on projects under several government agencies in developing countries, Asian Development Bank and other institutions.

  • Myanmar’s state of perpetual conflict

    Report after report have confirmed the wave of appalling violence in Myanmar on its ethnic minorities, perpetrated by a well-trained, well-armed and state-sponsored organisation. Yet the world seems to be incapable of ending this horrifying situation, perhaps unprecedented since the Second World War. Why?
  • Trump’s wish to buy Greenland

    Donald Trump. Boris Johnson. Marine Le Pen. Norbert Hofer. Are they ignorant? Short-sighted? Populist?
  • A priceless gem in Copenhagen

    On a short trip to Copenhagen, my wife and I, having just visited the Little Mermaid and the Hans Christian Andersen museum, are wandering where to go next. Just then, by a sheer stroke of luck, someone at the tourist information centre casually mentions The
  • Why Suu Kyi is silent on the Rohingya issue

    Aung San Suu Kyi's inability to speak up for the Rohingya in Myanmar has been a riddle. The Western world had elevated her almost to the status of sainthood, only to find that she is actually a politician, happy to switch sides as convenient.
  • Bangladesh: From a take-off stage to actual take-off

    Budget implementation capacity of Bangladesh has been falling consistently for the last seven fiscal years, exposing poor capacity of government agencies, The Daily Star reported on June 4, 2018. Despite a sustained increase in GDP growth rate for over a decade, the implementing capacity has dropped from 97 percent in 2010-11 to a mere 78 percent in 2016-17, it further adds.