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  • Sayeed Ahmed

    Sayeed Ahmed is a development professional involved in the infrastructure consulting business for over 20 years and has worked on projects under several government agencies in developing countries, Asian Development Bank and other institutions.

  • Has Trump found a solution to America’s Afghan problem?

    America’s recent peace agreement with the Talibans in Doha makes many ponder whether it has lost the war. However, before coming to such a conclusion, we should revisit the aims of this decades-old bloody conflict.
  • Iran and the USA don’t have to be enemies

    The contradict-ion couldn’t be more striking.
  • ‘The only constant in life is change’

    On November 29, 2019, The Daily Star announced the demise of its Star Weekend magazine and the birth of Toggle, quoting Heraclitus as a justification, but without giving him due credit.
  • Myanmar’s state of perpetual conflict

    Report after report have confirmed the wave of appalling violence in Myanmar on its ethnic minorities, perpetrated by a well-trained, well-armed and state-sponsored organisation. Yet the world seems to be incapable of ending this horrifying situation, perhaps unprecedented since the Second World War. Why?
  • Trump’s wish to buy Greenland

    Donald Trump. Boris Johnson. Marine Le Pen. Norbert Hofer. Are they ignorant? Short-sighted? Populist?