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  • Samai Haider

  • Bird’s-eye Views of Rio de Janeiro

    No self-respecting tourist will come away from Rio without having visited Christ the Redeemer, the statue that is emblematic of Rio.
  • Rousing Rio

    Rio is a city of varying extremes, encapsulated in wild rainforests and beaches; a metropolis of skyscrapers and shantytowns; a cosmopolitan steeped in history. I explore its many aspects through a series of articles on the city. This is the second of three.
  • Beach Bums in Rio

    Rio is unlike any city I'd been in before: not just geographically, where the urban sprawl gives way to fine, sandy beaches and rainforest covered hills with sheer drop down to stunning lagoons, but also culturally as it exudes a vibrant yet laid-back vibe.
  • Ciudad del Este - A window into Paraguay

    Ciudad del Este, Paraguay's second largest city, is famous. But perhaps not for the more conventional reasons. Set on the tri-border with Brazil's Foz do Iguaçu and Argentina's
  • The Mighty Iguazú

    Looking down, I saw what resembled a mossy carpet, its tight weave separated only by the muddy Paraná River, snaking its way through the vast stretch of jungle.