Saim Bin Mujib

How I became Tamijer Baap in ‘Khowabnama’

I found myself looking for him beyond the pages of Elias's novel, among the old men who beg on the streets of Dhaka, or in the madman lying on the footpath, trying to say something  in a huff or lost in a hallucination on the open road.

Mystical Spiti Valley: A road trip to remember

Do you want to have a travel experience that is spiritually rich as well as full of adventures in the solitude of mountains?

Prince of Dhaka

The beloved horse of Dhaka’s Gulbagh

Bamboo Playspace for kids in Dhaka

At a time of extreme scarcity of open space for children to play, Washpur Garden City in Bosila of Dhaka opens up an aesthetic place completely made of bamboo for kids to have fun.

Prachyanat’s Lal Yatra on Genocide Day

On the black night of March 25, 1971, known as the genocide day, the Pakistani Army launched an operation against the innocent Bangalees in Dhaka and many other places.

A look back on the history of Ducsu

Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (Ducsu), also called the second parliament of Bangladesh, played a significant role in the glorious history of several students' movement.

Free wheelchair service at book fair

In Ekushey book fair ‘Switch Bangladesh Foundation’ has been giving wheelchair service for last three years to the people who are disabled, elderly, children and unable to walk. This year also they continue the service.

Zinda Park: Story of a community village

In the early eighties, five school friends launched an organisation ‘Agrapathik Palli Samiti’ with only Tk 60 in their pockets and a dream of building a community village.

Quota Reform: Now and What Next?

There have been attacks on the quota reformists by the student activists of ruling Awami League all over the country.

Football fever hits Dhaka

Football fever reaches its peak every four years in Bangladesh during the FIFA World Cup, and nowhere is it more evident than on the streets of Dhaka city.

Discover Bangladesh: Quick Tour into Char Kukri Mukri

Char Kukri Mukri, an island situated in the southern part of Bangladesh, offers tourists a beautiful landscape. In this new episode of Discover Bangladesh, Star Live takes you to Char Kukri Mukri, an island with mangrove forest and a beautiful sea beach. Watch the video to know more.

Discover Bangladesh: Monpura, The Island of Tranquility

In this new episode of Discover Bangladesh, Star Live takes you to Monpura, the island of tranquility in the southern part of Bangladesh. Watch the video to know more.

Discover Bangladesh: Nijhum Dwip, The Island of Silence

In this new episode of Discover Bangladesh, Star Live takes you to Nijhum Dwip, the island of silence situated in the southern part of Bangladesh. Watch the video to know more.

A walk of awareness: Stop violence against animals

People for Animal Welfare (PAW) organises a silent march titled "Walk of Awareness" for raising awareness to stop violence against the voiceless creatures. Watch the video to know more about the initiative.

Subodh: Rise of an icon

The Dhaka people are, by now, quite familiar with a graffiti character called Subodh, as he can be seen in the various walls of the city with a sun inside a cage or himself behind the bars.

Saba ready to work in any commercial film: Uncensored with Rafi Hossain

In this episode of Uncensored with Rafi Hossain, popular actress Sohana Saba talks about her marriage, divorce, present affair, her Kolkata film ‘Shororipu’, her thoughts on joint venture films and many other topics. Watch the show!

You can own a boat only for Tk 3,500 in Dhaka

Do you know that there is a market in Dhaka that sells boats, where you can buy one for as cheap as Tk 3500? Watch the video for more information.

“ATM booth” for fresh water in Dhaka

To address clean water crisis in some pockets in Dhaka, WASA introduces a fresh water booth in Fakirapool area with the idea of dispensing fresh water to customers.

Paw opens mini clinic for pets in Lalmatia

Paw Foundation for rescuing animals has now come up with a mini clinic for pets in Lalmatia to provide healthcare services to pets.

For the love of animals

When humans started to feed wolves, the wolves started to become dogs. In time, man's best friend developed loyal temperament,

Good humans love animals: Story of PAW

When the first wolf was fed by a human, it became the first dog. Since then this animal has been helping human as a loyal friend. They helped us in hunting and worked as the most trusted sentinel but in the modern civilisation that job has been replaced by super markets and CCTV cameras. And our most trusted friend got thrown out onto the street.

From mundane to magnificent

If you're a biker, you may have a dream to own a bike like a Harley-Davidson or a Ducati. But it's most likely just a fantasy -- because

Good, Bad & Ugly of 2016

2016, a year of so many events and news. Here we are presenting the highlighted good, bad and ugly events altogether in context of Bangladesh happened in the year of 2016.

Interview: Freedom fighter Ahamed Ali

Ahamed Ali, retired assistant director of BTCL and a freedom fighter who fought in Sector 8 under Major General Muhammad Abul Manzoor, tells his stories of training and war days during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

Commander SMA Karim of Tangail

In 1971 Liberation War, freedom fighter SMA Karim fought in Sector 11. He joined the liberation movement from 1968 as Chhatra League worker.