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  • Rubaiya Murshed

  • Nobody’s children

    June 12—World Day against Child Labour—wasn’t supposed to be just another Friday. It would have been the launch day of my first book, containing stories about street children.
  • For their childhoods

    Growing up in a joint family had its perks. For example, there was hardly a chance to get bored. On the rare occasion I did get bored, I vividly remember my mother threatening to make me memorise my time-tables if I complained. It was a much dreaded punishment. It makes me wonder how the children are coping in this pandemic.
  • To go or not to go online?

    As my students entered the exam hall, their faces were a tad bit more tense than usual. I was nervous myself. I would finally find out whether our efforts to make the course different had been a whopping failure.
  • What changes do we want in a post-pandemic Bangladesh?

    ”It’s going to be a long night,” I thought to myself as I pressed the redial button for the fourth time.
  • Bursting our bubble

    As we bade farewell to the teens of this century, most of us—if not all of us—must have been looking back on our changes, gains and losses as a person, as a society and as a nation.