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  • Rubaiya Murshed

  • What changes do we want in a post-pandemic Bangladesh?

    ”It’s going to be a long night,” I thought to myself as I pressed the redial button for the fourth time.
  • Bursting our bubble

    As we bade farewell to the teens of this century, most of us—if not all of us—must have been looking back on our changes, gains and losses as a person, as a society and as a nation.
  • Setting our priorities straight

    When job seekers look for new employees, they need a system to filter out the best candidates. Indicators of potential or skill are a key component.
  • Weighing the ‘why’ behind education

    I once faced a question from someone I would have never imagined it to come from. It was a humid afternoon and we had assembled under the large banyan tree on the green
  • Dhaka University’s ‘nervous nineties’

    The University of Dhaka has achieved a lot in these 98 years, and it has played a pivotal role in structuring the country’s economy, politics, society and development. Through the many scholars it has given birth to, the university has made inspiring strides in different fields and has taken academics substantially further from the point it was at almost a century ago.