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  • The “Ember” that's a bonfire

    Sixteen years have passed since the release of “Saturate”, and like aged wine, Breaking Benjamin's music has matured beautifully. That notion is quite obvious as soon as you listen to the album that came out this year on April 13: Ember.
  • The fault in our Goodreads reviews

    Take a moment to pick a book, preferably in English. Then, search “*name of your book* review” on Google. One of the very first things you'll see are the ratings on a website called “Goodreads”, the Facebook of books.
  • The beauty of football fouls

    Goals are a work of art. The blood, sweat and tears that go into them really give them a whole new beauty. However, in this World Cup, I had found beauty in something else: football fouls. You see, goals still maintain a linear procedure: shoot, score, cheer. But fouls? They're ever-changing. Goals may be art, but fouls are life.
  • Faces

    Billions of faces I see, Billions of lives, breathe, The sound of all their souls drifting through.
  • Coco: The movie that made me go loco

    Music is a focal point of this movie, so the first thing I'd like to comment on is the incredible soundtrack. It's catchy as hell, well-composed, and meshes in with the movie beautifully. It even assists with the story progression both subtly and openly. In fact, it's so good that “Remember Me”, which is a song that is played frequently in various different scenarios in the