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  • Rafiqua Ferdousi

  • How well are we doing?

    As Bangladesh braces for take-off from the LDC (Least developed country) status, the need for increasing attention on quality education and healthcare have become even more central than before. Not only are these two areas essential drivers of continued progress, they are also critical components of human development.
  • Growing sustainably through research and innovation

    In early 2018, Bangladesh fulfilled all the three eligibility criteria for graduation from the list of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of the United Nations. The Committee for
  • The hidden dangers of behavioural economics

    Have you ever wondered why stores tend to have big flashing signs with prices presented in fractions like 3.99 instead of just putting a 4? Well, if you did, then congratulations to you! Because, you are one step ahead in the realm of behavioural economics.