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  • In memory of Imtiaz Habib

    It is with profound sorrow we write this piece about our dear friend Imtiaz Hasan Habib (1949-2018), who died peacefully while asleep in the early morning hours of August 27 at his home in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • A unique solution to three environmental problems

    During a recent trip to Bermuda, what impressed me most about this island nation were the tidy pastel houses with stucco exteriors and artistically built brilliant white roofs with grooves perfectly placed amid the palm trees for which the island is famous.
  • Effects of Climate Change on Nuclear Power Plants: Stop challenging nature

    He tiny carbon footprint of nuclear fuel has made nuclear energy an important player in the battle against climate change. Yet this advantage would be moot if nuclear power plants cannot operate, or became too dangerous to operate because of global warming.
  • Adverse effects of river dredging on the aquatic ecosystem

    After a river is dredged, its banks will become prone to erosion. Eroded banks will stimulate further build-up of silt, exacerbating rather than improving problems with navigation.
  • The Holy Grail of Energy

    Ever wondere how the Sun could have been shining for 4.55 billion years, radiating immense amounts of energy into space? How does the Sun produce the energy that will keep it shining for another 5 billion years?