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  • Man, technology and the environment

    The Homo sapiens, in their current evolved form, have been around on Earth for about 200,000 years. Many advances have taken place since then, with each advance seeming to have had a greater impact on our environment than the previous one.
  • Can Biden save our planet from overheating?

    Every year, the Earth Day comes and goes while we continue to dig ourselves deeper and deeper toward climate and ecological disaster.
  • Amid global warming, why are we in a deep freeze?

    During winter, more often than not, a large part of northern United States is pummelled by an Arctic blast, sometimes severe, sometimes less severe, that lasts for a week or two.
  • Can we create an environmentally liveable Bangladesh?

    Since independence, Dhaka’s population ballooned from just about 1.5 million to over 21 million, a 14-fold increase as opposed to 2.5-fold for the entire population of Bangladesh. Hence, for all practical purpose,
  • The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

    On December 21, the first day of winter this year, the two gaseous giants in the solar system—Jupiter and Saturn—will put up a spectacular display in the evening sky.