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  • Blue energy: Can it power a sustainable future?

    Ever since global warming became a hot button issue, our leaders have told us umpteen times that “climate change is the greatest environmental threat and the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.” Yet, they are not “bold enough to do enough” to pull us out of the climate change conundrum soon enough.
  • A gallery of flaming colours

    This year, all the precursor conditions—chilly nights and sunny, warm days—were in place for a fabulous fall foliage season.
  • Fall season in America

    In America’s Northeast, including New York, the dramatic explosion of colour during fall season starts typically in late September. It peaks in mid-October when leaves on the trees are emblazoned in gorgeous shades of red, orange, yellow and gold.
  • Days and nights under the midnight sun

    Known for its overwhelming natural beauty and incredible ice formations, Alaska, the largest state (in area) of the United States is home to a multitude of geological wonders.
  • Vacation in Alaska: Flight seeing tour of the Denali Mountains

    Alaska may not fit the bill for what most people envision as a vacation, but it has been on my family’s bucket list for a long time.