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  • Nighat Ara

    Psychiatrist, Counsellor and Therapist

  • Money, mind and behavioural addictions

    Invention of ‘money’ is hard to trace back, but historians believe metal objects were first used as money before the time of written history.
  • Lies and liars

    Well-orchestrated systemic historical lies are used to oppress others. Lies repeated over and over again becomes perceived truth to the public. Those lies are used deliberately for political gains. Culturally accepted lies (e.g. in our culture, people lie about age all the time) allow people to cater more lies.
  • The depressed millennials

    It is one of the most common things being discussed nowadays — millennials and depression. Being one of the most highly educated generations that grew up with the technological wave, it should not be so. Then again, it is the same generation that went through a global recession in their growing years, no matter which country they hail from. As the generation is more aware of mental illness, they are also addressing their various mental health issues.
  • Parenting and LGBTQA+

    Just a generation back, parenting seemed simpler and anything could be handled with a sound scolding and an occasional smack or two. For parents of current times, things have become more complicated than ever.
  • Mob Behaviour

    A very disturbing trend of violent mob behaviour has erupted in some parts of the country lately. Lynching a woman over a rumour of child abduction is quite unnerving for any normal person.