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  • Nazifa Raidah

  • To Seenzone or Un-seenzone

    The way we interact with each other has changed and taken many faces in the passing of time. Cavemen wrote on walls and used different sounds that would seem unfathomable to us but somehow made sense to them.
  • Are we treating our kids right?

    “Kids are the torch bearers of our future” – these are the words we hear often, from political speeches to assemblies in school grounds, on the note of someone trying to establish the important stakeholders for future progress of a nation.
  • Making public commutes safer for women

    For any working woman or student, having to use public transportation is the bane to their life. A study conducted by BRAC shows that 94 percent of women commuting in public transport have faced harassment in verbal, physical, and other forms.
  • Juggling work and academics

    It can be said without a shred of doubt that Dhaka is an expensive city. A ten minute distance from your house on a rickshaw costs about forty taka. Want to hangout with your friends or eat somewhere you won't get food-poisoning?
  • Breaking out of a procrastination cycle

    You're two hours away from your deadline. You sit at your desk and realise that a cup of coffee will give you a kick start. You drink your coffee while watching a video on YouTube as you tell yourself you're cashing in on your break now and you won't be taking any breaks later.