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  • Nawshad Ahmed

  • Social research can be an important weapon in the fight against coronavirus

    Social research is generally not a priority during a serious crisis. Despite the fact that Covid-19 has dramatically impacted our society and altered the life patterns of a large section of the population, we have undertaken very few studies in Bangladesh to assist informed decision-making during this pandemic.
  • Bangabandhu’s development vision and the unfinished work

    The Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was a visionary leader whose birth centenary is being celebrated this year.
  • Improving the process of our urban development

    In building urban infrastructure and services, we are faced with a huge challenge of meeting the demand created by increasing rate of urbanisation in Bangladesh.
  • Getting the measurements right

    Monitoring and evaluation are proven tools to determine the extent to which public sector development projects and programmes are on track and if adjustments are required to improve their performance.
  • Why are social safety net programmes so crucial?

    I have been asked by several close friends recently, why we need social protection measures to address poverty in Bangladesh—a country which has the world’s largest microcredit programme. One might ask: is it because the microcredit programme is not fulfilling its promise of alleviating poverty and social protection is therefore going to replace it?