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  • How to build a safer city for women

    More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities and urbanization is causing cities to grow at an exponential rate. The impacts of urbanization are felt by everyone, but the experiences of girls and women in cities and their use of the city and its public amenities are strongly impacted by their gender.
  • The rise of Femtech

    The term "Femtech" short for female technology is used to describe the rising trend of applications, devices, products and diagnostics catering to the needs of women's health. Femtech contributes to society with new emerging technology such as tracking wearables, artificial intelligence, apps, and noninvasive hardware to bring awareness to female health.
  • POS trends shaping the future of retail

    The point of sale system is the very heart and soul of any business, one that can integrate marketing, inventory, accounting and data analytics and create synergy between them. As with all things rooted in technology, POS trends are continually changing and evolving. As POS systems are going through a makeover, business owners and retailers should stay up to date with the latest trends coming in the industry.
  • Business and leadership lessons from Star Trek

    In 1966, the world was introduced to the world of Star Trek. People watched as Captain Kirk and crew of the Starship Enterprise ventured out to different parts of the universe to explore strange new worlds,
  • Star Trek gadgets that are no longer fiction

    For people growing up in the 1960s, 80s and 90s, Star Trek provided a vision of the future. It seems that the future arrived sooner than the writers could have imagined then.