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  • Nirvana and the sound of a generation

    Bleach came out 32 years ago on this day from Sub-Pop Records.
  • A beginner’s guide to setting up a home studio

    If you’re a producer, a vocalist, a musician or have a podcast and you’ve decided to start recording professionally, the next step can be the most confusing one.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The one with all the problems

    Because the show enjoys skyrocketing popularity even today and is relevant to viewers of the modern time and possibly even to the viewers of the future, its problems are strongly apparent under the lens of modern standards of morality, tolerance and sensibility.
  • Netflix streaming guide: What to watch in May

    We have all fallen into the habit of subconsciously listing the films and shows we want to watch on Netflix. And though sometimes (many times) the quality of their offerings fall short of expectation, Netflix sure delivers on quantity. May is shaping up to be a promising month for Netflix, with many exciting new titles coming up. Here are some of the most anticipated movies and TV shows coming in May that we can’t wait for!
  • Digging deep into quantum computers: myths and realities

    The prevailing air surrounding quantum computing is that of wonder and awe. We have all heard about quantum computers, the next big technology that’s going to transform our lives and society.