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  • Muhammed Asif Khan

  • Why passion in entrepreneurship is grossly misunderstood

    The importance of passion in anything you do is something we hear about again and again. Especially if you are looking to become an entrepreneur, you will hear lots of advice and come across lots of articles eschewing the importance of “following your dream” and “loving what you do”.
  • Why entrepreneurs should target untapped sectors for disruption

    Today, Bangladesh can safely claim to be experiencing a burgeoning growth of startups. From e-commerce to food-tech to logistics, we are noticing the birth of new startups almost every other day. But which are the most successful of them so far?
  • The entrepreneur is a servant, not a boss

    Why should you become an entrepreneur? For a lot of people, especially those in the corporate world, the allure seems to be in “being your own boss”.

    IBA graduates are notorious for job-hopping. They say we switch jobs for merely a few thousand bucks. However, interestingly, amongst all the job switches I have seen so far amongst my friends, most of them happened not because the new place offered better salary, but because the earlier company had a terrible supervisor.