Mozammel H. Khan

The writer is the Convenor of the Canadian Committee for Human Rights and Democracy in Bangladesh, and a long-time contributor to Mukto-mona.

A scandal based on flimsy grounds

Three business executives have been acquitted on February 9 in a major foreign corruption case involving SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., known otherwise as the Padma Bridge scam, after an Ontario judge threw out wiretap evidence key to the case, saying the wiretap applications were based on gossip and rumour.

A visionary leader

The Legal Framework Order (LFO) was issued as President's Order No. 2 of 1970 by the President of Pakistan and Chief Martial Law Administrator General A.M. Yahya Khan on March 30, 1970.

Shedding our prejudices

If you are in a drawing room and any other gathering of your friends or acquaintances, naturally the talk of the day would lurk around what is going on around the world.

Pakistan's Illogical Stance

Pakistan's national Parliament once again sided with war criminals by passing a resolution that drew condemnation in Bangladesh.

F R Khan - A Bangalee legend from the golden chapter of our history

In the limited scope of this piece, I intend to remember the role of a great Bangalee in our Liberation War of 1971 - the Bangalee who, through his contributions..

It just doesn't add up

We are fighting ceaselessly against the distortion of our history; let us not do the same ourselves. As far as the DS is concerned, when none of the AL leaders, none of the newspapers of the country dared to open their mouths against the Chief of Army Staff's (CAS) tacit intention to create 'our own' brand of democracy, it was only Mahfuz Anam who had the bravado to write a commentary under the heading, “Gen Moeen goes public on politics.”

Would someone stop the madness of these sycophants, please?

There are many in our land, living either at home or abroad, who possess the unflinching dedication to the values of our Liberation War...

Let the truth speak for itself

It came to my knowledge through social media that The Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam in a TV interview has admitted to his “biggest

Development and Democracy: Time to look to the East

It was December 6, 1971 in the White House situation room when the joint forces of Bangladesh and India were quickly marching towards Dhaka.


The BNP chief, in her first public address in more than a year on Monday said, “There is still a controversy about the exact number of


Despite history's numerous precedents, the word “genocide” did not exist until legal scholar Raphael Lemkin, a

War crimes trials: The lobbyists are at work again

The much-awaited verdict on the review petition against convicted war criminals Ali Ahsan Mohammed Mojaheed (incidentally, my

War Crimes Trials And now the Amnesty International

And now the Amnesty International (AI), the watchdog body for world-wide human rights has come up with a statement on its website under the title Bangladesh...

Canadian election and Trudeau's victory speech

The general election that took place on October 19 ushers in a new era for Canada, as Justin Trudeau, the son a former Prime Minister and Canadian ...

Should our professors 'hang' themselves?

As I write this piece, a picture of a stunned Professor Muhammed Zafar Iqbal, drenched in rain, after an assault on a teachers' demo at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) on August 30 has gone viral, thanks to social networking sites and the media.


The tragic hero, Aristotle wrote, suffers a change in fortune because of a mistaken act to which is led by his “error in judgement” or his “tragic flaw”.

Why do our politicians consider themselves indispensable?

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned on July 6, saying he was told shortly after Greece's decisive referendum result that

BNP's current policy towards India

After its failed violent movement to unseat the government in its demand for a fresh general election under a caretaker government,

Has the country turned into a killing ground for free thinkers?

If one analyses why criminality and corruption are so pervasive in the society, the first and foremost answer would be the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators.

Portrait of a patriot

KM Shehabuddin, former Bangladeshi ambassador to the United States and an iconic patriot and diplomat, passed away on

The debate over war crimes trials: Is there any merit?

IF the formalities are completed as expected, war criminal Muhammad Kamruzzaman's execution might have been carried out by the

A moment of introspection for BNP

In my article for The Daily Star (January 27, 2015), titled “War for democracy: For the people or on the people”, I concluded with these words: “The BNP-led alliance's war for democracy has turned out to be not for the people but on the people.”

A Shocking Crime

It was with devastating shock and disbelief that I received the news of the brutal killing of our very well-known blogger and writer Avijit Roy and the severe injury to his wife, blogger Rafida Ahmed Bonna.