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  • Moyukh Mahtab

    Editorial Assistant, The Daily Star

  • Another refusal to give workers their due

    In the past week, a few interesting things happened. For one, a report by a New York-based research firm was published, which found that Bangladesh topped the list of countries with the quickest growth of ultra-wealthy individuals.
  • Education as the freedom to create and to construct

    The theme for this year's International Literacy Day, “Literacy and Skills Development”, speaks of a pressing issue of our time, as the rate of job creation in the country struggles to keep pace with the number of people joining the workforce every year.
  • The ethics of documenting sexual violence

    "These women are carrying on with their lives. The injury of what happened is coming up in different ways—it need not be something sensational like the understanding we have of the birangona. Otherwise we would never understand what happened to the birangonas in terms of their experiences of the war."
  • Road safety: Are we tackling the broader issues?

    The enormous support that school and college students who had taken to the streets received,
  • When students have to do the job of the law enforcers

    Hopefully, the mass agitation will bring change. Hopefully, our leaders will feel the irony of the situation in which students have to take to the streets to ensure drivers have valid licences while law enforcers are seen going around vehicles driven by kids.