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  • Surviving in a world of speed

    Fashion is perhaps the most dynamic industry of this modern age. We are living in an era of fast fashion where trends come and go, and where product is being regarded more and more as a disposable item. Speed is taking over all aspects of the fashion supply chain and many of the everyday features of life, in particular with regard to the way the consumer communicates.
  • A case for technological development in apparel sector

    The government of Bangladesh is moving ahead with a plan to establish 100 Special Economic Zones by 2030.
  • Time to adopt a visionary approach

    There has been a healthy debate as to whether Bangladesh should open up Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the apparel sector where, until now, the majority of investors are local entrepreneurs, with the exception of some foreign companies who have invested in garment businesses inside the Export Processing Zones (EPZs).
  • How Bangladesh should respond to global apparel industry changes

    I read an interesting article the other day about a cotton spinning company based in Manchester, England. Although the company, by Bangladesh's standards, produces high volumes of product, it has established a niche for itself in the UK and Japan with customers who appreciate both quality and locality of resource.

    What negotiators should keep in mind

    The government of Bangladesh has recently formed a new wage board for the readymade garment (RMG) industry where 4.4 million workers are currently employed. There are around 45 industrial sectors in our country, each with its own set minimum wage. This means that there is no national minimum wage.