How to reconstitute the Election Commission

As Bangladesh makes strides to reach upper-middle-income status, now is the opportune time to focus on achieving the status of a developed democracy—the cornerstone of the Bengalis’ and Bangabandhu’s dream of Sonar Bangla.

The counterproductive bank deposit tax

The 2017-18 budget of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) increases taxes on bank deposits by 60 percent, much to the dismay of savers and many economists.

Undermining the welfare of children

The newly legislated Child Marriage Restraint Act 2017 (CMRA) of Bangladesh legally permits child marriage (between male below 21 and female below 18) under a “special circumstances” provision (SCP) when it is deemed in the best interests of the marrying children

Maximum accountability should be the norm

A Canadian court verdict related to the Padma Bridge (PB) consultancy contact has set off widespread proclamation of vindication of the concerned Government of Bangladesh (GOB) superiors, allegations by the Bangladesh ruling regime of a conspiracy by the World Bank (WB) and Dr. Muhammad Yunus, and even demands for lawsuits against the WB for defamation.

What should we do with a sovereign wealth fund?

The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) has just approved setting up a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) to channel government funds into projects considered vital for the country.

The politics of terrorism

The time now couldn't be any darker for Muslims, undeniably due to the stigma of worldwide killings of innocent civilians by some Muslims. This commentary attempts to understand this ominous phenomenon in a contextual and clinical manner to motivate unconventional remedial steps.

History of Bangladesh: First Decade

The first decade's history of Bangladesh is most consequential but often politically coloured. This historical commentary is different in two respects.

Risk management, not unproductive public feuds

The recent news of fraudulent transfer of the Bangladesh Bank's (BB) US Dollar Reserve to yet unidentified beneficiaries has ignited a

PM's call for taking responsibility

The absence of rational discourse itself is driving the chain of events in today's Bangladesh. That certainly cannot bode well for the nation going forward.