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  • Dream Dates and More

    At that point a bike flew past me on the sidewalk, making me jump sideways and onto a puddle of mud. My shoes were drenched, and some of the goo had seeped in between my toes. The overpowering smell of the biker's cologne, mixed in with the familiar “city smell” of exhaust fumes, sweat, and crushed dreams, disoriented me.
  • Before

    I used to be a pretty big nerd, before. I'd willingly spend time on education. Before, studying didn't seem so draining. Things are different now though, and they say having a personal goal helps. So my personal goal is to study.
  • Wordsmiths Inc.

    Sophie tugged at the collar of her shirt. The heat in the office was almost as oppressive as the people in it, which was saying a lot. A

    What are you supposed to feel when you're holding a heart in your hands?
  • Late Night Conversations

    “Aren't fish bothered by being wet 24/7?”