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  • Bulbbul: Not a revolutionary feminist consciousness

    I want to begin by saying that I do not look towards Bollywood for feminist lessons or representations.
  • A Bangali’s trip to the CHT

    When my editor and I thought this idea up, I was half-joking. I don’t really want to tell you how to be a decent Bangali during your Eid
  • Don't judge a magazine by its size

    “You have to know where the term 'magazine' comes from; the magazine of a pistol. When we say 'little magazine', it's a bending of this word. A matter of resistance!”
  • Chobi Mela X: 2 decades of “persistence”

    20 years of anything is a rather big affair. The 10th edition of Chobi Mela has just wrapped up. Here I look to the people who put it together year after year, and the matters that pushed its presence among us through the crevices of this gridlocked city.
  • Cha Chakra: Tea Tales of Bangladesh

    Faiham Ebne Sharif's first solo exhibition, Cha Chakra: Tea Tales of Bangladesh, curated by Amirul Rajiv and Naim Ul Hasan, was held