Koichi Hamada | The Daily Star
  • Koichi Hamada

    The writer is Special Economic Adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Yale University and at the University of Tokyo.

  • How can we retain the benefits of globalisation?

    In the last few years, for many people and their leaders, globalisation has become a scourge to be purged in favour of greater protectionism and unilateralism.
  • Why we need globalisation

    From the Brexit vote to Donald Trump's election as US president to rising support for populist parties in countries like Germany and Italy, much of the electoral upheaval in Western democracies in recent years has been attributed at least partly to a backlash against globalisation. But globalisation does not deserve voters' ire.
  • Education in the Digital Age

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution stands out from its predecessors in a critical way: rather than making it easier for humans to use their surroundings more effectively for their own benefit, technology is displacing humans in the workplace. The question is who will benefit now.
  • Misery loves inflation targeters' company

    The United States, Europe, and Japan are all making positive economic strides. In the US, the unemployment rate is falling, and now stands at just over four percent.
  • Fake news and biased news

    Interviews are always tricky. If an unscrupulous interviewer is looking for a particular answer or claim, they have the power to edit, manipulate, or even rewrite their subject's words to that end.