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  • Kaiser Haq

    Kaiser Haq is a Bangladeshi poet, translator, essayist, critic and academic.

  • The Mona Lisa of Bengali Poetry

    The process of reading is consummated in rereading. It is sure to deepen and broaden our understanding of the work and its author, and quite possibly of ourselves as well.
  • NAH!

    I am sure it was sometime in 1965 that a classmate at St. Gregory’s, Muhammad Ali Rumee, piqued my curiosity by describing a new movement in letters launched by some friends of his elder brother.
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti Hits a Century

    Thanks to Google I have, at a click of the mouse, discovered that in our time around 165 members of the literary professions have
  • Remembering Murti,1971

    Just a few months into the war of liberation it became clear that the guerrilla operations would eventually have to be accompanied by warfare conducted by troops organised in regular units.
  • Farewell to a master: Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

    VS Naipaul, to use his most common appellation, died at his London home on August 11, six days short of his 86th birthday.