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  • Kaiser Haq

    Kaiser Haq is a Bangladeshi poet, translator, essayist, critic and academic.

  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti Hits a Century

    Thanks to Google I have, at a click of the mouse, discovered that in our time around 165 members of the literary professions have
  • Remembering Murti,1971

    Just a few months into the war of liberation it became clear that the guerrilla operations would eventually have to be accompanied by warfare conducted by troops organised in regular units.
  • Farewell to a master: Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

    VS Naipaul, to use his most common appellation, died at his London home on August 11, six days short of his 86th birthday.
  • The Emperor's New Clothes

    This is no doubt one of the most enjoyable stories in Anderson's collection – brief, uncomplicated, hilarious. It's only recently that I began to have doubts about its purported significance. Let us begin by reminding ourselves of the salient features of the tale.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Quazi Nooruzzaman

    Remembering freedom fighter Lt. Col. Quazi Nooruzzaman, B.U. (declined)

    Every year around this time, I get a phone call from someone or the other of the loose fraternity of Sector 7 veterans to remind me that May 6 is Lieutenant Colonel Quazi Nooruzzaman's death anniversary; he passed away in 2011.