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  • Justice Md. Mozibur Rahman Miah

  • Polygamy: Enabling Law and its analysis in Bangladesh Perspective

    Polygamy implies the practice of getting married to more than one spouse at the same time. As per paragraph 255 of Mulla’s Principles of Mahomedan Law, a Mahomedan may have as many as four wives at the same time but not more (Baillie, 30, 154 (fourth class). It is admitted that the above interpretation originated from the Holy Quran (An-Nisa” 3rd verse of the fourth surah) where it has been proclaimed “If you fear that, you will not deal fairly with orphan girls you may marry whichever other woman seems good to you, two, three or four. If you fear that you cannot be equitable to them, then marry only one. (Quoted from the book “The Quran, translated in English by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem)
  • Statelessness and displacement

    Human beings do not want to live as refugees which is completely a form of leading very inhumane life. In today’s global order, refugee crisis is one of the very complex challenges for the politically less-influenced countries.