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  • Kaiser Haq Presents Shaheed Quaderi to the Anglophone Readers

    Professor Kaiser Haq is not only Bangladesh's finest English language poets but one of the country's best translators as well. He translated Shamsur Rahman as early as 1985, when he was in his mid-thirties.
  • Remembering Professor Ahsanul Haque

    We loved and respected Professor Ahsanul Haque as a teacher. He taught us in the Department of English, University of Dhaka, in the
  • Memories of 1971

    1971 has been my greatest passion for the last forty-six years. It has been my pair of glasses with which to look at people and things.
  • A hero of the past, present and future

    Did the Chileans kill Salvador Allende and replace him with General Pinochet, a military dictator who took his people a hundred years back? Were the great patriots of Africa, Asia and Latin America killed by their own people? But the final verdict is history's. A great patriot doesn't die, he returns with a thunder. His people keep him alive in their hearts.